So many balloons, so little time...

…to take all their pictures! I felt like a little kid, oohing and aahing over all the pretty colors and interesting shapes. We went out 2 mornings (at 0-dark-hundred) and were treated to two totally different experiences. The first morning was almost called off due to winds, but eventually the green flag went up, to a roar of applause and cheers, and inflations began.


It was super cool to be on the field right next to balloons and their crew, and see just what goes into getting a balloon off the ground (and back safely).


While they’re giving the last bursts of flame to keep it full and upright, there are holders stationed around leaning their weight into the lines keeping the basket on the ground (as well as numerous crew standing on the outside of the basket doing the same thing).


It was also really neat to have multiple balloons inflating all around you and filling the sky with color. That day, once the balloons started to rise, they were quickly swept away by the winds.


We had gorgeous clear skies, against which to take pictures:


I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the “pretties”.


Even with the brisk winds, there were still at least 100 balloons that ascended (compared to the multitude we saw the next day).

I counted close to 50 balloons in this one shot!

I counted close to 50 balloons in this one shot!

I also liked it when they passed directly overhead:


I’ll close with a series of single balloons that caught my fancy.


I can’t take just one (picture or balloon)!