and now more from the Galapagos

What - you thought I was finished? Bwahaha

_DSC0452 Golden cowrays.JPG

Like a Monet print, these Golden Cowrays were mesmerizing on our early morning Zodiac ride through the mangroves; as was this turtle -


Several other denizens who shared the morning with us -

Lava heron

Lava heron


…and the promised stubby wings (of the flightless cormorant):


That was an exceedingly difficult shot to get, as they only extended their wings as they were rock hopping, lending a lot of blur to photos (not to mention balancing on a moving Zodiac).


That afternoon found us hiking across a very rugged lava field, with really neat and different forms of lava.


Our long, hot walk was rewarded -


Flamingos are very pale when younger, and become darker pink with age, due to the brine shrimp and algae they eat.


Hmmm… what next?