More Galapagos?!

Well, we’re getting down to the last few days of our trip, but I still have so many pictures I want to share!


This will probably be the only sunrise-over-the-ocean picture you’ll see from me.


For this morning’s jaunt, we landed on Santa Fe, with cactus trees,

this one was 400 years old

this one was 400 years old

and yet another different type of land iguana:


The males’ crest in this species tended to flop over.

I just loved their “lips” -


As we walked down the path, we came upon an unexpected find:


Our guide was just beside himself when we came across this rare sight of a racer snake finishing his lava lizard meal (after all, he sees all this wildlife all the time).


I was loving the continued natural compositions -


After another couple of excursions - kayaking and snorkeling - that didn’t lend themselves to many good photos (Yes! you’re spared!), we headed on to South Plaza island, which was a pretty small piece of land nearby, but had shorter cactus trees…


and… wait for it…

another land iguana species.


Another rare encounter… we were watching this Lava Heron at the water’s edge -


when he suddenly started walking towards us. He never even looked up at me, as he nearly stalked over my feet…


…to stare down a nocturnal gull. I couldn’t get a picture because they were literally at my feet and I had my long lens on!

This was the gull family the heron stalked up to.

This was the gull family the heron stalked up to.

I’ll let this Sally Lightfoot Crab say goodbye for me.