Last of the Galapagos

Oh no! Really?? :-(

On our last full day, we finally got a good look at fur seals, on Santiago island. They are actually sea lions also, but are commonly referred to as fur seals. The Galapagos sea lions, which have been so plentiful, are commonly just called sea lions. The fur seals are smaller, have thicker fur and shorter muzzles.


There were some pretty cool erosion sculptures on this island, also.


We then moved on to what I think is my favorite island, geologically - Rabida.


The unique red sand is so striking.


The marine iguanas here were green-blue.


Later that morning we were snorkeling in a secluded bay, and were kept entertained by its residents.

This little fella was fascinated by us, and was really showing off:

He also liked blowing bubbles -


This video was taken a little later, and he’s moving more slowly. I think we tuckered him out!

We’re now up to our last day in this narration… We did an early morning walk on Seymour island and were treated to the courtship dance of the blue-footed boobies.

Besides slowly raising and lowering each foot successively,


.. the male will also do “sky-pointing” -


… while whistling: