A quick word from the cherry blossoms

I’m still working on finishing up even the first week from the Galapagos, but since we’re briefly in Washington D.C. to enjoy the cherry blossoms, I wanted to share.


We arrived in mid-afternoon to gorgeous weather, but unbelievable crowds.


I loved the really gnarly old trees,


as well as the contrast of the branches to the flowers.


Compared to all the Instagrammers and selfie hounds, Steve and I don’t quite have that down yet…


Close ups just make me smile -


in either white or pink.


We went on around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial,


…and while walking up the steps, overheard a young boy saying, “yeah, you CAN see “X” from here.”


This was the picture I was taking, so I switched lenses:



As we walked back across the Mall, I wanted a picture of the Capitol


that was then in quite a different light when we went out the next morning for sunrise pictures.


Even with Steve grumbling about the early hour, we both greatly appreciated the lack of crowds.


Both the lack of wind,


and the lighting, made for some gorgeous shots.


I was waiting around to see how things might look in a different light.


About 5 minutes later, the sun came up and changed everything.


Only a few more -


It was a good morning!