I keep wanting to say wow! in every post - and I expect that will continue as we REALLY start travelling internationally.  We had over 2 minutes of totality in Nashville, and we enjoyed that on a farm in Lebanon, TN, after an awesome lunch put on by some of our favorite chefs in town.

For Steve, the eclipse was something that he had put on our calendar for 2 years.  There was no way we were going to be out of the Nashville area on Aug. 21, 2017.  After experiencing it, I can say, it really was amazing (and dare I say, life changing?).   We had perfect skies that became cloudless when it was about 25% in.  You knew what was happening and coming, but the difference in light quality as it progressed is impossible to describe, but so cool!  We had never experienced a total eclipse before.  The darkness that suddenly fell as the last bit of sun disappeared was really eerie.  Everyone around us cheered, and firecrackers were set off on a neighboring farm.  I was waiting for the roosters to crow when the sun came back, but alas, they disappointed me.

I'm not posting any pictures (an extreme rarity, you'll probably find) because I didn't want to lug my 35 mm out to the farm (and possibly fry its innards if I screwed up) and my cellphone only took ok shots.  We've already marked April 8, 2024 for the next total eclipse passing up through TX, AR, Carbondale, IL, Indianapolis and out through Maine.  Totality is SO worth it to experience, even vs 95%.