The animals just keep coming!

You’ve only gotten a tantalizing view of our largest friends (one of the butt shots), so now I’ll treat you to more. At first we were seeing them at some distance -


On another day, a large herd passed right by us.


Later that same day (!) we were driving by a water hole where another (or the same?) large herd of elephants was really enjoying the coolness…

…and a convenient rock for that annoying itch -

Ok, on this same awesome day, I captured a fascinating interaction between two predators. Our story starts with a Saddle-billed Stork:


…that caught a fish -

_DSC3475 Saddle-billed Stork.JPG

An African Fish Eagle tried to seize the opportunity -


…and they both lost out.


This same day we were treated to a leopard lounging in a tree:


He decided to get down -


…and walk along the road,


…before settling in another tree.


Now, we’ll finally go on to the next day. So far, all the pictures you’ve seen have been from our first 2 days!

Besides this darling baby giraffe, I also managed to capture a number of Lovebirds flying right in front of him.


His escort appeared to be saying, “you can’t see me”:




We found the same lion pride we’d seen the past 2 days -


and PaPa had decided to join them.


So, then, we finally saw some Cape Buffalo -


and this hippo appeared to enjoy photo bombing -


Check out the relative sizes:


I’ll close with some pretty friends: