Musings on returning home

The thing that was hands down the most welcome for both of us.......... being able to drink out of the faucet!  For two months, we've been rinsing our toothbrushes and brushing our teeth using a bottle of water - what a pain.

Having the commercials on the radio being in English doesn't allow me to just tune them out as background noise - I can't help but listen to the words, as I understand them now.

Retraining yourself concerning toilet paper - throughout Peru, you can't drop the paper in the toilet due to the septic system the entire country uses.  It amazingly became second nature for me to look for the little trashcan by the toilet to drop the paper in, and surprising to find myself pausing, looking for the can, after being back in the States even after a couple of days.

Driving again, and noting the very orderly conditions of the roads, the signage, the lights and the courteous drivers.

Our house felt really spacious, and our bed was so big and comfortable!

Steve whined that he really wanted the picture of the Coral snake he took on our midnight hike in the jungle to be posted.  This is one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and the hand holding the phone taking the picture was a couple of feet away...

coral snake.jpg

These were the all the bags we took for our adventure, and after wearing the same 2 pants and long sleeved shirts, I'm REALLY glad to have my closet contents available now:


We also forgot to share with you the ginormous Kapok tree in the jungle in Manu:


I'll now be taking a blogging break of a couple of months, for time with family and the holidays, before heading to sun and sand after the new year.  Hug your loved ones and appreciate all your blessings!